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There are many charities that work every day to make the world a better place. With GiftShift, you can support one or more charities. Easy, flexible and fast. You decide when, how much and how often you want to contribute and find everything in your personal overview.

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A more flexible, faster and easier way to donate. For charities, by charities.

With GiftShift, we help charities with one of their biggest challenges: reaching out and connecting with the younger generation. We facilitate and inspire to donate in the way that suits the younger generation: easy, fast, flexible and in a personal way. Help to make the world a better place on the various issues they care about. We pride ourselves on intimate collaboration with charities and strongly believe in partnerships with organizations that want to make an impact on a better world. Because together we make a bigger impact.



Whether you donate for the first time or if you already have an account, GiftShift makes it easy and quick to select the charities you want to support. Making a donation has never been more simple and straightforward.



You are completely in control and decide when, how often and how much to donate. You can easily shift between charities and adjust your donations whenever you want.



All the information about charities to help you select the ones that suit you best. Within a minute you have digested the information about charities and donated to contributed to a better world.



Find your donations in your personal overview. With this, you always have control and insight. How you donated, what your donation history is and which charities you donated to.

How does GiftShift work?

Many charities, always in your pocket. In no time at all, you have read up and donated and can move on.


Select one or more charities you would like to support

Create your own bundle in the first step of the donation wizard. Not sure which charities fit with your need? Then take a look at the bundles that are prepared out of the box. There are interesting themes, celebreties or companies that have selected multiple charities as part of their donation bundle. You can always adjust the pre-filled donation bundle in your personal overview.


How often and how much you want

In step 2, you can choose to do a one-time donation or to create a monthly donation bundle. Choose a donation amount and divide your amount among the charities included in your bundle.


Adjust your bundle whenever you want

Find all you need to know about your donations in your personal overview. If you donate on a monthly basis, you can adjust your donation bundle at any given time in you personal overview. Depending on your interest on a particular time, you may want to contribute to different charities.

There are several social themes that I like to support. GiftShift makes it easy, without being attached to anything. My current donation bundle consists of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders due to current situation in the world.
Charlotte, Donor
With GiftShift, we have one mission: to support community initiatives that suits the needs of the young generation. We actively listen to this audience and engage with them to stay in touch with the donation needs of this young generation.
Jelle Heijman, Co Founder
As a technical partner of this fine initiative, we strive to make an impact through an intuitive user experience. GiftShift's target audience consists of young, discerning individuals, which makes our task all the more challenging. We believe in the power of technology to change mindsets and want to contribute to GiftShift's inspiring mission.
Wesley de Leeuw, Levi9 Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know

If your question is not listed, ask it here.

How can I contact you with your questions or issues?

You can contact us using the contact form on our website. Our team is ready to help you.

How can I see the impact of my donation?

Many of the member charities offer regular updates and reports on how donations are used and what impact they have. These updates and reports can be found on our website under charity information and/or on the charity's website. We strive to make the impact as visible as possible on GiftShift.

How can I recommend a charity for this platform?

You can recommend a charity through our website. We will then evaluate it and add the charity to our platform if it fits with our believes. To do so, leave a message or send an e-mail.

How does the platform select the charities?

Charities are selected based on their reliability, transparency, impact, financial health and commitment to their mission. We aim for a diverse group of charities with diverse themes.

How do I know my donation is safe?

We use the latest security technologies to ensure that all transactions are secure and protected. Payments are handled by Stripe and data is handled responsibly.

How do you take care of payments?

On the GiftShift platform, payments are handled securely and efficiently through our payment partner, Stripe, a leading Payment Service Provider with strict security standards. Donation payments are encrypted and sent directly to Stripe, which supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. To ensure privacy, we do not store financial data on our servers. After payment processing, the donation amounts are transferred to the respective charities on our platform according to the agreed distribution key. We chose Stripe because of their proven reliability and transparency in payment processing.

How is my privacy protected?

We respect the privacy of our users and have strict guidelines and technologies to protect your data. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

What are the supported currencies?

Donations can be done in euros, but we also accept other major currencies.

Is GiftShift a nonprofit organization?

No, GiftShift is a social enterprise and aims to maximize impact. We believe in the efficiency of entrepreneurship and close cooperation with charities.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations to registered charities through our platform are tax deductible. The Dutch tax authority uses a threshold amount and a maximum deductible amount, depending on your income.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, you can. Our payment provider, Stripe, requires an email address for secure payments, but you can donate without creating a GiftShift account. The email address you share with Stripe is used only for transaction purposes and will not be used for any other purpose. This ensures secure payments while respecting your privacy.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes, you can make both one-time and recurring (monthly) donations.

Can I cancel my donation?

A one-time donation cannot be canceled after it has been processed. Recurring donations can be stopped at any time.

Can I also donate from foreign countries, other than the Netherlands?

Yes, our platform accepts donations from all over the world.

Can I adjust my monthly recurring donations (or bundles)?

Yes, monthly recurring donations can be adjusted, withdrawn or paused.

What is the purpose of this donation platform?

The primary goal of the GiftShift platform is to make the donation process simpler and more flexible, making it easier for individuals to contribute to charities they support. In addition, we aim to provide an environment where charities can actively participate and contribute in developing the platform. We believe in co-creation and collaboration with charities and to give them the opportunity to contribute directly to the innovation of the platform. With this intimate relationship, we strive to create a community which combines the strengths of charities, allowing us to collectively improve the donation process and generate a positive impact.

What part of the donation goes to the charity?

For every donation, 97.5% goes directly to your chosen charity, excluding transaction fees associated with the payment. The remaining 2.5% is used for maintenance and development of the platform.

Will my data be shared with the charities?

Without your consent, no address information, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or other contact information will be shared.

Are the charities aware of this?

Certainly, all the charities that are connected on GiftShift are not only informed about this, but they actively participate with the platform. They provide their own information, and each charity has its own account to view donations. We strive to cooperate with charities, and without their explicit consent, we never add them to the platform.

Are there any costs associated by using this platform?

There are no additional fees for donors.